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We want to unite each unique snowflake, bringing their own precious potential and perspective for difference in humanity. There is no limit to what we can achieve together, in trust, when we create a fresh landscape to build safety. Person-centredness believes in unconditional kindness, congruence (authentic honouring), and empathy for Self and other. If each person finds safety, autonomy and self-governance to navigate life; they can actualise.


We offer online group support for non-offending paedophiles and survivors of childhood abuse, work and school based development programmes, school support groups and counselling, children’s body-autonomy education days and 1:1 therapy by Skype or face to face. We want people to be able to donate to or sponsor our counselling and child-abuse reduction initiatives. We are working with both recovery of victims and prevention of perpetration, aiming to fill in the gaps that aren’t being currently addressed. For example: children’s autonomy to be safe and communicating when not, paedophilia support for perpetration reduction, rehabilitation for those committed to recidivism (and post-justice), recovery and trauma counselling for survivors of abuse, campaigning and education agendas for stigma/discrimination reduction. We need to think differently if we truly want to make difference.

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We are based in Eaglescliffe, Teesside

If you have any questions no matter how small please do not hesitate to contact me using the form I have provided below. I endeavour to answer all genuine emails promptly.

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Essay : The Monster Condition

The Monster conditions
#projectsnowball explores the challenges that face survivors of abuse, and those who suffer minor attraction.

Download Full Document   : Here